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Petawawa Container Market

A Unique Market Concept 

We have created a small unique market concept in the heart of Petawawa.  There are five independent shipping containers that operate as storefronts and place for two (2) permanent food trucks and one weekly food service.  We are about to enter our third year and we have some exciting opportunities for local business owners. 

This year our operational hours will focus on a minimum requirement  Friday 3 pm - 8 pm and Saturday 10 am - 3 pm.  We encourage weekly vendors to participate more and use the facilities as a true store experience but Friday and Saturday will be the basis for our animation and promotional support.

Before requesting a booking please review our Vendor Terms and Conditions document - see the button on the right.

Options for participation:

  1. Weekly, summer only and pop-in opportunities
  2. Seasonal or monthly rentals

Weekly, summer and pop-in participation opportunities: 

  • Join us for a week here and there, regularly on our Friday summer schedule or for special event dates.  Note: priority of scheduling will be given for container units to vendors who select weekly options and at a minimum participate on Friday and Saturday.  
  • At this point, all summer and pop-in opportunities require the vendor to participate under their own tent or via tailgate as permitted.  
  • Complete this form for weekly/summer or pop-in opportunities: PCM Weekend/Pop-In Market Opportunities (

Seasonal and monthly participation opportunities:

We will review submissions and contact you.  Spaces are available on a first come first serve basis and are subject to ensuring the mix of vendors is varied in product scope 

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Stay tuned to our Facebook and our Instagram pages for more about our season, vendors and special events.