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Vendor Terms and Conditions Information

Vendor Application Guide


The Town of Petawawa has created a pilot Container Market Program to support initiatives identified in our Economic Action Strategy to foster business development and support tourism.  The Container Market will support these priorities by stimulating new investment and job creation and elevate opportunities for community engagement.   

Vendor Categories & Experience

We want to encourage a mix of seasonal vendors with various product offerings.  Existing businesses that are looking to test the market viability in Petawawa and those that offer identified gaps or complementary businesses to our existing portfolio are welcome.  Examples of vendors may include retail boutiques, artisans, food/beverage, experience/tour providers, outdoor equipment rentals, activity/event-related services, and fitness/wellness products.  Preference will be given to vendors with unique product offerings, particularly for those locally made or sourced.  


Petawawa Container Market will be operational on a seasonal basis from May to October and one-day events thereafter.
There are a variety of rental options as we continue to improve the vendor and visitor experience at this location. 

Opening Days/Hours

Vendors are required to be open for business, at a minimum, Friday and Saturday, as per this schedule: Friday 3 pm – 8 pm and Saturday 10 am – 3 pm. We are adding Thursdays 3 pm - 8 pm for the summer months of July and August.  Vendors are encouraged to extend hours, when appropriate, to support events planned in the area.  Meeting this minimum operation will be a finite requirement for full-season applicants.  Vendors are strongly encouraged to have additional regular operating hours.  Vendors must confirm their intended operational times on the application.  Deviations from pre-approved hours, must first have permission from the Town of Petawawa designated representatives. 

Location and Facilities

The Container Market is at the Kin Hut, located along Volunteer Way, Civic address 16 Civic Centre. This site was chosen for its location within our community, its play amenities, sports fields, parking area, common area washroom facility services and ,the ability to permit street food vendors at this location. Overall, the location visibility and amenities offer the most potential to drive vehicle and human traffic to this area.

There are five (5) 10 ft. shipping container units each measuring 10’ (w) x 8’ (d) x 7.5’ (h) (80 sq. ft.).  Each unit also has a deck area that is covered, adding to the display space.  Each unit has a rolling door and a back vent for air circulation.  When operational the rolling door should be fully open.  Each unit has a chalkboard fascia.  Seasonal renters may be permitted more permanent signage for their units.  Subject to rental term the unit may be equipped with a display counter.  Electricity is available at each of the five containers through a power source on the exterior of the unit.   
On Pop-In Dates vendors can also join our market with their own 10 x 10 tents or as tailgates (as permitted).  *Day Rate will apply to any event or special occasion pop-in opportunities.

Rental Rates

  • Full Season $300/month + HST (paid 1st of each month - under contract)
  • Single Month $400 + HST (Friday/Saturday weekly + Thursday if July or August booking - under contract)
  • Weekly $100 + HST (Friday/Saturday minimum) (general liability insurance extra if purchasing coverage +$15 per day)  We will only offer weekly if there are containers available otherwise it is day rate participation.
  • *Fridays $200 + HST (July and August) (general liability insurance extra if purchasing coverage + $15 per day) Vendor will be in their own tent setups  
  • *Day Rate $30 for those with insurance and $45 for those without insurance (general liability insurance is $15 per day) subject to unit availability
    Day Rate will apply to any pop-in opportunities where vendors can set up under their own 10 x 10 max tent space or participate in a tailgate-vendor concept.
  • Farmer, Food Producer/Food Promoter seasonal member rate $300 + HST (paid before first participation - must have own insurance)
    We are seeking to support interest from local food producers/bakers and food delivery providers to have a regular presence at our market program.  Under this membership vendors of this category can participate with a tent or tailgate (as permitted) in our market all season long.  

Shared containers

We will consider requests for seasonal rentals to share the container.  This would be subject to a set schedule of shared use.  The proposed schedule of use will have to be provided at the time of booking.  A maximum of four (4) shared vendors are permitted per unit request.  No deviations from the schedule are permitted except as approved by the Town of Petawawa.

Example: AA, BB, CC, and DD businesses want to rent and share a container on a seasonal basis.  The vendors would agree to the following.  Week 1 AA Week 2 BB Week 3 CC and Week 4 DD would be in the container selling only their products.  Insurance coverage from all vendors would be required or a collective insurance plan could be sought from an insurance provider.

Street Food Vendors (Food Trucks) 

There are two (2) seasonal and one (1) weekly sites
Seasonal $500/month + HST + $100 Electrical Fee
Weekly/Weekend $200 + HST

Site Services

Electrical services are available onsite to the exterior of the container units.  Vendors must provide their own applicable extensions and connections to the services.
Reasonable garbage collection is available on site, however, excessive volumes of garbage or recycling are the responsibility of the vendor to remove from the site.
There are no water or wastewater connection services on the site.  Waste water is the responsibility of the vendor and must be disposed of appropriately.  Dumping in storm drains, waterways, park or greenspace is prohibited. Non-potable water can be found at the Kin Hut washrooms.  Potable water is available at the Civic Centre.  
Paved, lined, accessible parking is available at the market
Washrooms are available seasonally and are located central to the market site.  During the time when special events occur that may have alcoholic beverage service the washrooms may not be available.  At all times, washrooms are still available at the Civic Centre building.
Public and dedicated WIFI are available on-site to support vendor POS systems

Liability Insurance 

Approved seasonal/monthly and food truck vendors will be required to provide an insurance certificate showing $2 million liability insurance and name the Town of Petawawa as additionally insured.  
In addition, any vendor handling food/food trucks will be required to have all the necessary permits and inspections, including current health certification, approved fire suppression and inspection from Town the of Petawawa Fire Department, Propane Inspection, TSSA and ESA stickers.

Public Health

All vendors shall comply with Public Health Act, R.S.O 1970, Chapter 377, as amended, respecting foodstuffs, and all regulations and conditions within the food premises regulations under the Public Health Act R.S.O, 1990, Chapter 409, Regulation #840.  The vendor will be required to comply with all other municipal, provincial and federal regulations that may be to their business activity.

Food vendors will provide and show their Renfrew County District Health Unit certificate and or complete the Special Events Food Vendor Permit with the same.

Vendor Selection Process

Vendors must provide, at time of application their list of products they will sell.  We will seek to not have conflicting vendors with the same products for the container rentals.  We will limit the number of vendors selling the same products when we have pop-in opportunities.

Cancellation Policy

There are no refunds for vendors who don’t show.  
Cancellations must be made two full weeks in advance.  
If unusually extreme weather were to affect all vendors in the market’s ability to operate (freak snowstorm or torrential rains), then compensation would be considered.


Products left in the unit overnight are at the sole discretion of the vendor.  The town is not responsible for theft or vandalism.
A representative of the municipality of Petawawa may in their sole discretion cancel the agreement under the following circumstances: 
the renter did not fully pay for the unit as per the rental requirements, 
the renter agreement was transferred without departmental approval, 
the renter is not using the unit for the purposes and products identified in the application;
there is a breach of terms outlined in the agreement or emergency repairs are needed for the rental unit.