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Vendor Terms and Conditions Information

So you want to rent a Container Unit? Here is some important housekeeping information.

Rental Length

  • Units are available as short-term rentals throughout the term of the market.  
  • Approved renters will be able to set up in the unit assigned to them on Thursday of each week and must depart the unit on Sunday when the market closes.  
  • Renters are eligible to request up to three terms of rental time over the course of the market season and if scheduling permits can request the weeks concurrently. 
  • Additional available weeks will be subject to availability and demand.

Vendor Details

  • Container units are designed for use by small retailers, artists, makers, and non-profit or charitable organizations.  The units provide a safe and private storefront opportunity from which a vendor can sell their products or generally engage with the public.
  • Food vendors will be restricted to product resale only as the units do not support food production. Food vendors must provide products wrapped in accordance with RCDHU and other authority regulations.  Proof of production in an RDCHU inspected kitchen may be required.
  • Containers are not rented for residential garage sales
  • Container rentals for businesses that operate sole or predominately under a home party sales model will be permitted, but not as priority vendors.

Container Accessories and Site Amenities  

  • Five (5) 10 ft. shipping containers measuring 10’ (w) x 8’ (d) x 7.5’ (h) (80 sq. ft. of retail space) are available.
  • Each unit has a rolling door and a vent for air circulation.  
  • When operational the rolling door for the unit should be fully open.
  • Units have a display with shelves and a shelf unit/table from which they can display their products. 
  • Vendors must bring their own chairs.  No chair is provided. 
  • WIFI service is available – A secure line for vendors and a general service for the public
  • Units do not have any utility connections or feeds (no electrical power or water). We are working on a power supply outside of the units for 2022.
  • Vendors are responsible for their own payment service systems
  • Renters can use chargeable power banks for electricity but not generators
  • Washrooms are located at Kin Hut and have water service (non-potable water).
  • Products should not be left in the unit overnight.  The town is not responsible for theft or vandalism.

COVID-19 Precautions and Regulations

Renters will be required to bring their own sanitizing solutions, spray, or wipes to use during their rental period.  The full unit cleans will only occur between renters.  Municipal staff will periodically oversee the site location to ensure that all health and safety protocols are being met.