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Image of father and toddler snowshoeing in a winter forest sceneThere are plenty of opportunities to snowshoe within the Petawawa area.  Users are asked to respect the rules and regulations posted by each of the clubs or organizations that manage and maintain these trail networks.  It is also important to stay on the trails and not create your own paths. 

The Community Services Department offers showshoe programs over the winter months. Details can be found in our Community Guide. Registration is required.

The Petawawa Library has free snowshoes, binoculars and GPS rentals available on a limited supply.  You will need your Library card to rent these items.

Jubilee Lodge, located on Garrison Petawawa, offers snowshoe rentals and has groomed trails right outside its doors.  Check the Jubilee Lodge website for information about rental fees and trails.

The Petawawa Terrace, located adjacent the the Fish Hatchery Park at 9 Sunset Crescent, offers compact, groomed trails for snowshoeing.  The Petawawa Terrace is a provincial park and as such is used under the direction and administration of Ontario Parks oversight.

West of Petawawa is the Petawawa Research Forest which has a series of trails great for any day outing.  East of Petawawa, you will find the Forest Lea Trails where an abundance of trail options are available.

Weather and temperatures can make drastic changes in the middle of winter so always make sure to take all the necessary precautions to stay safe. Hats, gloves scarves and other accessories help to keep your extremities warm and avoid frostbite. Dress in layers to prevent sweating and overheating as well as to add additional insulation when needed.

Make sure to let others know where you are going and when you plan to return as trails can quickly disappear with a heavy snowfall.