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Petawawa Ramble featuring Pumpkin Folks

October 15th, 2020 to October 18th 2020

a pumpkin head on a soft straw filled body
Our businesses and community locations now have Pumpkin Folks out for you to explore.  There is a photo contest and a public voting portal to select the best business displays in various categories.  Be sure to check out all the posts and messages by liking the  Petawawa Ramble Facebook page.

Please be safe for yourself, your family and for our community.  The pumpkin folks is a self-guided exploration which you can take by vehicle, bike or on foot in your small family groups.  If you are ill, you should stay home, remember to physical distance from others,  if you can't, wear a mask.  In all public spaces masks are respectfully required at all times.  Do not manipulate or otherwise engage with the displays, you can take pictures at a distance or you can get selfies in proximity, but we do ask that you do not climb upon or otherwise engage with the displays.  Finally, please sanitize or wash your hands often.

Have a wonderful ramble through our community and enjoy our autumn nature!

The Petawawa Ramble is an opportunity to enjoy autumn splendor and to savour, sample and experience the bounty of our community offerings.  Over the course of the Petawawa Ramble festival different business events, workshops, tastings and programs are available for the public to enjoy.

The Pumpkin Folks element provide a self-guided exploration of local businesses and public spaces to see pumpkin folks on display.  These pumpkin folks are a whimsical, fun way for businesses to show their community pride and decorate the Town.  Come Ramble with us!  

NEW this year, is the Business Pumpkin Folks Display contest.  While we had our pumpkin folks displayed last year, during the first edition, of the Petawawa Ramble, this year we have added some new requirements and will have an option for the
public to vote on their favorite business displays in various categories.  Business harvest displays will begin to be created as of September 28th but the Pumpkin Folks will only be added to these displays during the Petawawa Ramble which will take place October 15th - 18th. We limit these displays to encourage return visitation and to promote all the elements of a festival atmosphere.

NEW this year, is the Residential Pumpkin Folks Displays.  These displays are a way for our residents to decorate in a harvest theme and win great prizes from our local businesses.  If you are visiting our community feel free to ramble about to discover the community creativity. 
The residential harvest displays are up from September 28th to October 25th.

Check out the story on the Petawawa Ramble in our local newspaper, The Petawawa Post.