Residential Pumpkin Folks Decoration Contest

<b>Advertisement for Residential Pumpkin Display Contest</b>
Upcoming: September 28 2020

A NEW exciting opportunity in this year's Petawawa Ramble is the addition of a residential Pumpkin Folks display contest.  If you are a resident of Petawawa and want to participate, this page will offer you more information on the process and how to register.  Great opportunity to decorate your property and our community in a fun harvest-inspired theme.  Great prizes to be won!

To participate in this contest residences need to register between August 24th and September 18th.  You can do this through an online form or by printing a form (see in files below) and returning to us.

Rules and Guidelines

Interested participants should review all information contained herein.

The 1st Petawawa Ramble Pumpkin Folks Residential Decorating Contest will be held in 2020 within the following dates:

Entry Application Period:

August 24th – September 18th

Applications to participate will be accepted.

Entry Application Deadline:

September 18th

Residential applications are due.

Photo submission Deadline:

October 5th 

Submit two (2) photos of your display

Harvest Display Period:

September 28th – October 25th

Displays must be up at each participating residence for this period.

Judging Period:

Friday, October 10th

Eligible entries will be scored.

Winners Announced:

Thursday, October 15th

Announcement at the start of the Petawawa Ramble festival


  • Participation is open to all residents within the geographic boundaries of the Town of Petawawa.
  • Entry is free; there is no cost or fees to apply.
  • Employees of the Town of Petawawa are not eligible to participate.
  • Entry Applications (to be eligible to win a prize) must be received no later than 4:00 pm on Friday September 18th.

BONUS: The first 25 applicants who complete a harvest display and submit their photos will receive a $5 Tim Horton’s gift card! note: Participants can't set up their displays until September 28th.

Harvest Display Guidelines

  1. Applicants must have their harvest displays out from September 28th to October 25th
  2. Contest is for exterior harvest type displays only and must feature at minimum one pumpkin folk.
  3. Display must be in good taste, whimsical along a family-friendly theme and not scary, gruesome or violent. Please refrain from putting overly political, religious or controversial messaging or props within your display.
  4. The Residential Contest Judges reserve the right to disqualify any entries they feel to be not family friendly or distasteful.
  5. Display will be judged on curb appeal. The top five finalists in each category will be viewed from the street only.  Therefore no backyard or side yard displays will be eligible (side yard permitted only if lot is on a corner).
  6. Harvest display must be set up away from curbs and sidewalks such that the display does not impede sightlines or encroach on road allowances or private property.
  7. Participants assume responsibility for their harvest displays and understand that they should not place out items of importance which maybe the target of vandals or theft.

Note: To be eligible for consideration, within the contest, the displays must be street side and at street level. This would limit apartment participation; however, as a renter, should your landlord permit you to have a piece of property street side on which to assemble a display, then you would be eligible to participate.  Proof of approval from the landlord would be required.

Contest Judging

1. Applicants must submit two (2) photos of their display by October 2nd for review of eligibility and top five selection by the judging panel. Failure to provide the photos will disqualify the applicant.

2. Judges will review the submitted photos and select five entries for each category which will be part of the street visit and from which the final winners will be selected.

3. The street visit by the Judges will occur on Friday, October 10th.

Judging Categories

  • Best Harvest Display with a theme (1st, 2nd and 3rd)
  • Most Unique Harvest Display (1st, 2nd and 3rd)
  • Honorable Mention Judges Choice (1 award)

Prizes for each category

1st Place: $100 cash with $100 in local business gift certificates

2nd Place: $100 gift basket featuring local business products

3rd Place and Honorable Mention: $50 gift basket/certificate combination featuring local business

Housekeeping Notes

  • Winners agree that photos of their harvest displays will be used, royalty and compensation free, by the Town of Petawawa and any affiliated parties for the promotion of this program. 
  • Winners will be notified by email and names published as part of the contest wrap-up media.
  • Winners agree to incorporate a winner sign in their display until the end of the event which is October 25th, 2020.

For questions, please contact the listed sponsor of this contest.  Applications are available by printing off the form below and submitting to or by completing this online version