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Welcome to Petawawa E-Cop


Call it a 21st-century version of a Neighbourhood Watch - an electronic prevention programme designed to reduce crime in our town.

The Town of Petawawa Police Services Board in partnership with policing personnel from the Upper Ottawa Valley Detachment of the OPP has implemented Petawawa E-Cop, an online portal designed to put information about such issues as property crime, emergency alerts and issues of a critical safety nature directly into the hands of our community’s most important stakeholders -- its citizens.

Register and watch for periodic E-Blasts (emails) on how residents and business owners can keep themselves, their families and their neighbourhoods safer.  These bulletins are designed to:

  • Provide updates on property crimes that may be trending in the Town or in a specific neighbourhood.
  • Inform residents about measures they can take to prevent becoming a victim of crime. Allow residents to report concerns about suspicious neighbourhood issues by using the OPP Citizen Self-Reporting app, and provide periodic updates on arrest or convictions related to property crimes.
  • Let people in Petawawa know about reported serious events or emergency occurrences happening or to be on the watch for.

Registering for Petawawa E-Cop is completely voluntary. However, if you wish to receive regular E-Blasts, you must provide your email address. 

If, however, you wish to file a complaint with the police, please use the OPP Citizen Self-Reporting app or visit your local OPP detachment.

Petawawa E-Cop can help reduce all manner of crimes against property, persons, families, children and the elderly. It aids in the fight against illegal drugs, vandalism, break-and-enters, possession of stolen property and traffic complaints regarding those driving without a licence or proper insurance. In the event of an area emergency occurrence, it provides emergency service personnel with an information sharing tool. If you want to partner with your police service to keep Petawawa safer, then E-Cop may appeal to you.