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Tips On How You Can Prevent Crime

Victim of Crime

Personal Safety

Checklist for Apartments

Home Security Challenge - Is Your Home at Risk?

Home Security 2: Doors and Frames

Home Security 3: Security Hardware

Repeat Burglaries: Homes/Businesses

Securing Commercial Buildings

Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED)

Fuel Theft Prevention

Operation Identification

National Do Not Call List

Robbery Prevention for Small Businesses

Lock It Or Lose It

How To Spot a Scam

Recovery Pitch

Travel Scams

False Charities

West African and Nigerian Letter Scams


Employment Recruitment

Fraud Prevention

Use Crime Stoppers to Fight Seniors Abuse

If you have information regarding other criminal activity in your neighbourhood or surrounding areas, please contact Crime Stoppers, a Canadian professional association specialized in gathering details of criminal activity. Crime Stoppers will in turn refer your information to the police agency that is best equipped to investigate and evaluate the law. Of course, your report will remain forever anonymous and confidential -- and may be eligible for a cash award.