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Commercial Business Space/Land Available

These resource pages provide developers and small business entrepreneurs with information on available commercial land, buildings, or commercial rental space in the Town of Petawawa.

For each property, some basic information is provided with contact details that allow you to communicate directly with the responsible agent for the property.

Petawawa Planning and Development staff encourage all potential purchasers or leasees of property to consult with the municipality prior to signing lease agreements, sale purchases, or entering into build agreements.  We are able to provide valuable guidance and assistance along with relevant information that will ease and facilitate your development or enterprise integration into the space.

It is important to note that the following permits may be required to gain occupancy for your business in Petawawa. 

  • All businesses need to complete a Business Registration.
  • Taking over the tenancy of a rental space may require a Change of Use permit.  Change in occupancy type may result in an increase of identified hazards for a property which could require added fire separation measures.
  • Any alterations to the building or the unit space may also require a Building permit. 
  • Changing signage (including the lens, as new owner/occupant) or adding signs requires a Sign permit

We look forward to working with you!