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3197 Petawawa Blvd (Commercial Land For Sale)

3197 Petawawa Blvd propertyLocated at 3197 Petawawa Blvd., this .33-acre property is a prime piece of available commercial land.  The lot size is 125 ft x 115 ft., is serviced by municipal water and wastewater.  The property is located between a car wash and a florist shop just before the Dundonald Drive intersection.  Across the Blvd. are the Algonquin trail network and residential neighborhoods.  

For sale: 3197 PETAWAWA BOULEVARD, Petawawa, Ontario K8H1X9 - 1356103 |

Interested purchasers should check with the local municipality before purchase to ensure that any business use or intended use, outside of current use, is permitted on this site.  Any property or building structure alterations may require site plan approval and associated permits.