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Apply for a Permit

Town of Petawawa is now using Cloudpermit for all building permit application needs.  It provides users with a streamlined process that allows for greater communication with the building department and allows you to track the status and process of your permits; anytime and anywhere. 

You can start an application, finish it later and receive email updates on the status of your permit application. You even request building inspections online!

NOTE: The Cloud permit software works best with Google Chrome on a desktop/tablet unit.  Using a phone or other browser will affect your viewing of the software and may impact the ability to process and upload some of your permit documents. 

Let's Request a Permit!

Getting Started: This document provides a step-by-step written process for your reference and details everything from logging into the system, and creating your account to submitting your first application!

Cloudpermit Support: Representatives are always available to assist with any inquiries; from the setup of an account, to troubleshooting any issues.

Cloudpermit replaces paper application(s) that were previously utilized, however, documents are still required for attachment (electronically) such as: Authorizations, Schedule 1, Schedule 2, Site Plan, Plot Plan, etc. 

Below are fillable forms for use; to be submitted in an electronic format to the 'Attachment' area on your Cloudpermit Application. 'Submit Application' is the last step once the clearances have been met and is how the Town will receive your application for initial intake.

For all Permit applications, submit them ONLINE through CLOUDPERMIT