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Deck Information

Getting a Deck Permit-What you need to know!

Please find attached all necessary information regarding getting started building your deck! You will find a Getting Started Checklist which will ensure you have all information required to apply for a permit, and all necessary forms for the application including: Deck Guide, Schedule 1, example Site Plan for reference.

Deck F.A.Q.

Do i need a permit to build a deck?

If the deck is attached to your dwelling, yes you will require a permit. If the deck is not attached to the dwelling but exceeds 15m² you will require a permit.

Can i use screw-in piles?

Yes, if the company is an authorized installer and can provide engineered documents to accompany the permit.

Do i need a designer for my deck?

If you can provide the required documents, you can design the deck yourself.

How long does it take to receive my permit?

Once a complete permit application is submitted through Cloudpermit, the permit will be reviewed within a maximum of 10 business days.

What will it cost for a deck permit?

Cost is based off size, in m². Please see building permit fees for the current year.

Does the deck need to be inspected? 

Yes, you are required to book inspection requests through Cloudpermit. Please provide two business days’ notice for an inspection request


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