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Wastewater Treatment & Collection

Petawawa's Wastewater Treatment Facility was upgraded in 1998. In keeping with the Town's 'dynamic by nature' outlook, Town officials chose to upgrade the facility to a full secondary treatment process. This upgraded plant includes primary treatment, secondary treatment, Sequencing Batch Reactivator (SBR) technology, UV disinfection, sludge thickening process, as well as a full biosolids utilization program.

The facility uses cutting edge technology that is completely biological, meaning that no chemicals are used in the treatment process, therefore no chemicals or chemical by-products are passed on to the receiving stream, which is the Ottawa River.

The disinfection process uses Ultraviolet light, which again is a completely environmentally friendly technology.

The facility serves the Town and both Garrison Petawawa town sites, encompassing a population of over 17,500.

The plant is rated at 8730 cubic meters/day, with a peak day flow of 17460 cubic meters/day. Presently, the facility is operating at approximately 5400 cubic meters/day, which gives the Town ample capacity to handle its projected growth and community requirements, with no foreseeable upgrades required until the year 2018.

The Town of Petawawa has contracted the services of the Ontario Clean Water Agency (OCWA) to maintain and operate both the Wastewater Facilities and the Water Treatment Facilities.

OCWA may be reached at:

Town of Petawawa Waste Water Treatment Facility
P.O. Box 128
560 Abbie Lane
Petawawa, Ontario
K8H 2X2
Tel: 613-687-2141
Fax: 613-687-7138