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I Received a Provincial Offences Notice, What do I do?

All inquiries regarding Provincial Offences Notices should be directed to The Canadian Corps of Commissionaires (Ottawa Division) at 613-687-5536 ext. 2024.

Provincial Offences Notices are payable at the Provincial Offences Court Administration Office located at 7 International Drive, Pembroke, ON K8A 6W5. Please refer payment inquiries to 613-735-3482 or

Provincial Offences Notices are not payable at the Town of Petawawa municipal office.

Provincial Offences Notices (PON) are slightly different than Parking Infraction Notices (PIN). A PON is issued when a violation of a municipal by-law occurs, other than a violation of the Parking By-law 257/2003 and its associated amendments.

For example, if someone is burning without a fire permit, this person could receive a Provincial Offences Notice issued under the Burning By-law 1196/18. There are two amounts payable associated with a PON. One amount is the set fine and the second is the total payable. The total payable consists of the set fine, court costs and the Victim Fine Surcharge. The set fine for the scenario as noted above under the Burning By-law 1196/18 is $250.00, plus courts costs and the Victim Fine Surcharge in the amount of $55.00, for a total payable amount of $305.00.

The set fine is ordered by the Chief Judge of the Ontario Court of Justice as an amount payable by the defendant in lieu of attending court to contest the charge.

Courts costs are an amount to be paid by the defendant for the service of the PON and/or summons and upon conviction of an offence. The costs are authorized by Section 60 of the Provincial Offences Act and the amount is set by regulation.

Section 8 of the Provincial Offences Act provides that payment of a PON constitutes a plea of guilty and results in a conviction being registered.

The Victim Fine Surcharge is imposed by the Provincial Government and is added to every fine imposed under the Provincial Offences Act, other than parking fines. The amount of the Victim Fine Surcharge is variable, and is based on the amount of the set fine. Proceeds from the surcharge are used to maintain and expand provincial services to victims of crime.

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