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By-Law Enforcement

The Town of Petawawa has contracted The Canadian Corps of Commissionaires (Ottawa Division) to provide By-law and Parking Enforcement Services.  Please contact the Commissionaires directly at 613-687-5536 ext. 2024 or via email at

The following by-laws are under the Canadian Corps of Commissionaires scope:

  • Property Standards By-law 146/2000;
  • Parking By-law 257/2003;
  • Noise By-law 368/06;
  • Parks and Recreation Area By-law 359/06;
  • Burning By-law 1196/18;
  • Littering By-law 279/04;
  • Waste Management By-law 303/04;
  • Snow Removal By-law 683/11;
  • Taxi By-law 314/04;
  • Smoking By-law 835/13;
  • Watering By-law 293/04; and
  • Transient Traders By-law 559/09

To review any of these by-laws please go to the By-law listing section of our website. 

For general by-law inquiries, you may contact Colin Howard, Clerk at the Town of Petawawa Municipal Office:

Phone: 613-687-5536 ext 2002