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An alphabetical list of popular by-laws is below. This list is by no means exhaustive. Should you not find what you are looking for or would like to request a document in an accessible format, please contact Colin Howard, Clerk at or by calling 613-687-5536 ext. 2002



Animal Control (174/2001)pdf icon64.14KB
Animal Control Amendment (FEES) (1315/19)pdf icon7.63KB
Building and Change of Use Permits (1410/21)pdf icon31.06KB
Building and Change of Use Permits Amendment (FEES) (1311/19)pdf icon12.38KB
Burning By-law (1196/18)pdf icon3.02MB
Business Registry (650/10)pdf icon58.49KB
Development Charges (1280/19)pdf icon61.59KB
Discharge of Firearms (83/99)pdf icon25.66KB
Emergency Management Program & Emergency Response Plan (1309/19)pdf icon1.75MB
Establishment of Accessibility Customer Service Policy (1108/17)pdf icon48.5KB
Establish Policies & Procedures for Accessibility Standards (821/13)pdf icon38.09KB
False Alarms (549/09)pdf icon30.42KB
Fence and Pool Enclosures (378/06)pdf icon65.68KB
Fortification (259/03)pdf icon77.92KB
Grants Policy (795/12)pdf icon58.4KB
Mailboxes (129/2000)pdf icon21.62KB
Municipal Alcohol Policy (1119/17)pdf icon66.49KB
Naming Public Places (228/02)pdf icon25.49KB
Noise (368/06)pdf icon26.98KB
Parking By-law (257/2003)pdf icon1.55MB
Parking By-law AMENDMENT (1304/19)pdf icon12.77KB
Parking By-law AMENDMENT (1452/21)pdf icon37.56KB
Parks and Recreation Areas (359/06)pdf icon53.55KB
Property Standards (146/2000)pdf icon2.75MB
Retail Business Holidays Act (180/01)pdf icon15.64KB
Sign By-Law (1573/23)pdf icon1.14MB
Site Plan Control (528/08)pdf icon55.83KB
Smoking on Municipal Property (835/13)pdf icon97.53KB
Snow Clearing and Removal (683/11)pdf icon20.54KB
Strategic Plan (714/11)pdf icon31.82KB
Tariff of Fees for Planning Applications (1310/19)pdf icon11.26KB
Taxis and Limousines (314/04)pdf icon1.06MB
Taxi Amendment (568/09)pdf icon8.3KB
Transient Traders (559/09)pdf icon58.01KB
User Fees & Service Charges (1314/19)pdf icon5.8KB
Waste Management (303/04)pdf icon2.2MB
Waste Management Amendment (452/07)pdf icon15.66KB
Water Works & Water Supply (717/11)pdf icon1.22MB
Watering (293/04)pdf icon21.89KB
Winter Control Policy (1421-21)pdf icon1.54MB
Zoning By-law Consolidated (456-07)pdf icon1.19MB