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School Enforcement

Parking Near Schools

The safety of children is important to everyone in our community. Pedestrian activity is traditionally more prevalent in proximity to schools, particularly during morning arrival and afternoon dismissal.

Over the past few years, the volume of motorists dropping off and picking up children at schools throughout Petawawa has increased, creating potentially unsafe traffic conditions, as well as blocking school buses, from entering and leaving school properties, and blocking residential driveways. Drivers are encouraged to obey posted signs to create a safer environment for school children.

Parking Enforcement Around Schools

Enforcement of parking regulations around schools encourages compliance and results in a safer environment for all pedestrians, including students. Schools normally attempt to resolve parking conflicts through school newsletters, flyers, school council meetings, etc. However, when issues arising out of parking violations cannot be resolved by other means, dedicated zero tolerance parking enforcement must become a regular occurrence.

Parking Regulations Around Schools - Safety Before Convenience

There are several parking regulations around schools. Areas designated No Stopping and No Parking near school zones are implemented for the visibility and safety of all children and parents in the area. Please review some of the common signs seen around school zones listed below. There is a picture of the sign as well as what the sign means to help assist you when driving your child to school:

School Bus Loading Zone

This marks a zone within which school buses load or unload passengers without using the red alternating lights and stop arm.

No Stopping: Do not stop in the area between the signs

This means stopping, even for a moment or to drop off passengers or goods, is prohibited except when directed by a police officer. (These signs are used in pairs or groups.)

No Parking: Do not park in the area between the signs

This means you are prohibited, even when the vehicle is occupied, unless you are actively engaged in loading or unloading merchandise or passengers. Drivers are not allowed to wait for their passengers while in a “no parking zone”. (These signs are used in pairs or groups.)

Please note the direction of the black arrows at the bottom of most traffic signs, as the arrows indicate the direction to which the sign applies. These black arrows are to be adhered to until the next sign indicates differently. Signs are not broken up by driveways.

Choosing Safety Before Convenience will help to avoid potential safety hazards and receiving any parking infraction notices.

Zones are clearly marked. Municipal Law Enforcement Officers will issue tickets in accordance with the Town of Petawawa’s Parking By-law 257/2003, as amended. (See By-law Listing for further information.)