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Street Food Vendor Program

There is an opportunity to operate a mobile trailer for the purposes of offering seasonal food in our community under some criteria we term - street food vendor requirements.  
Street Food Vendors can exist on both commercial and municipal property.  However, there are specific requirements for both and neither can occur without municipal consultation, approval and authorization.  If you are interested in operating a mobile food service in our community please do contact our Economic Development Officer.
In preparation for your consider of a site location, the following items will need to be provided:
  • Letter of approval from the property owner. (applies only to commercial locations)
  • A sketch (site plan) of the property with distance measurements for placement of the trailer on the property and proximity to the utility connections. The site plan must note all supporting operational elements and structures, including seating arrangements for clients. Parking must be also shown in the plan.  NOTE: there is a 3 metre distance from a commercial adjacent lot line and other structures.
  • Food trailer/truck must be inspected by the local health unit RCDHU.   Renfrew County and District Health Unit website information on food premise inspections. You can also call 613-732-3629 extension 505 with any questions about food premise inspections.  Here also is a FACT Sheet and checklist with information on Opening a Food Premise. 
  • Municipality will require a 2M minimum liability insurance certificate 
  • Municipality will require proof of vehicle ownership 
  • Food trailer/truck must be inspected by our local Fire Department.  Here is what our Fire Department will be looking for:
  • Units with propane will require TSSA certification
  • Electrical hooks up and installations are to be inspected by Ontario Hydro
  • Fryers will be equipped with fire damper covers
  • Fryers will be equipped with exhaust hoods with operational fans
  • Clean Duct works
  • Exterior Cyclinder connection points
  • Fire Extinguishers, annually inspected. A 5lbs ABC type Fire Extinguisher and any vehicles with fryers an additional Class K Wet chemical or dry chemical portable.  
  • Town of Petawawa reserves the right to enter and inspect refreshment vehicles

This list is not exhaustive of what maybe required but will give an overview of requirements.