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Pop Up Vendor Types and Uses

We are getting many inquiries into what types of vendors might be users of the Pop Up Container Market.  Here are some examples of how this new opportunity might be apply for individuals and for groups.

  1. An eligible home business – looking to gain community exposure, increase their client base and basically use the market to see and be seen, tangible exposure of their products or services.
  2. Existing business in another community (Renfrew County 2021) looking to gather data on potential customers and sales projections to determine viability to have a 2nd location or co-location in Petawawa. OR, a business simply looking to increase sales by having a second location.
  3. Business wants to showcase a new product or service or share important information in the community – for example – Pickle Vixens wants to rent this space out for a week and sell products but also wants to let residents know what local businesses stock their product so that consumers learn where their products are available. 
  4. An artist wants a location to run a small one-on-one painting session and currently doesn’t have space.  This open air space could be a viable option.  Or, perhaps just a space to showcase and sell the artist work.
  5. A not-for-profit group wants to run a fundraiser and uses the Pop Up as a location to sign up community and as a depot/pick up location of the product to those who purchased.  
  6. A traditional famer’s market eligible vendor looking for locations to sell products, produce, preserves, or sign up residents to pre-purchase upcoming products for home delivery.
  7. A group looking for an opportunity to distribute products in collaboration with special weekend events and designated field use ie. Ball team wants to rent out the space (week long) and will register participants – hand out jerseys and other swag, leading up to and including weekend event.
  8. The market can serve as an incubation space where entrepreneurs can network and gain insight into business operations from each other.