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Pop up Container Market FAQ's

Petawawa Pop Up Container Market Program FAQ's

visuals of the container open with deck and with furniturePetawawa Council has approved a pilot Pop-Up Container market program to support artists, artisans, small businesses and non-profit organizations who have been adversely affected with loss of rental space during COVID-19.  The goal of this Pop Up Container market is to allow any eligible entrepreneur who wishes to operate a temporary shop the site and means to do so. 

This Pop Up Container market has been created in adherence of the Container Market Guideline document approved by Council.  This concept allows for commercial land owners, who also wish to explore this type of retail opportunity on their properties, the roadmap by which to do so.  Increasing boutique retail space, even seasonally, is a way to encourage and support more entrepreneurial opportunities, enhance and encourage visitation to Petawawa by providing for new, diverse products and services to exist in this community.  

Where will the Pop Up Container Market Be Located?

The Pop Up Container Market is at the Kin Hut, the front parking lot of the Civic Centre property.  This location has been chosen for its location within our community, its play amenities, sports fields, parking area, its washroom facility services and the permission to operate street food vendors at this location.  Overall, the location visibility and amenities offer the most potential to drive vehicle and human powered traffic to this site.  

Who can rent a Pop Up Container?

  • One of five (5) 10 ft. shipping containers (80 sq. ft. of retail space) will be available as short term rental space for small retailers, artisans, artists and non-profit or charitable organizations as a safe location from which to sell their products to the public.
  • Food vendors will be restricted to product resale only as the units do not support food production. Food vendors must provide product wrapped in accordance with RCDHU and other authority regulations.  Proof of production in a santioned health kitchen may be required.
  • Rentals are not permitted for residential garage sale, or businesses that operate soley under a home party sales model.

Why Use a Pop Up Container?

  • A Pop Up Container is like having your own storefront.  Renters can be local or from anywhere in Renfrew County and surrounding area. (In adherence with COVID-19 guidelines)  As COVID guidelines change the scope of eligible participants can change accordingly.
  • The unit is beside similar such containers so there is a market feel and vendors can enjoy the opportunity to network and collaborate.  
  • The Pop-Up market is located in a park, with great traffic access, plenty of parking, washroom facilities and in proximity to many fields and amenities of play.  Renters have an audience draw and potential of new clients just based on location.
  • Renters can market their Pop-Up Shop on their social pages to draw even more customers to the site
  • Site is controlled and maintained by Civic Centre staff so there is support and services available.

What are the Pop Up rental terms?

  • Units will be available as short term (week long) rentals throughout the term of the market.  
  • Approved renters will be able to set up in the unit assigned to them on Tuesday of each week and must depart the unit, end of day, Sunday.  
  • Monday’s are reserved as cleaning days where the units will be sanitized for the next renter.  
  • Renters are eligible to request up to three weeks of rental time over the course of the market season and if scheduling permits can request the weeks concurrently. 
  • Additional available weeks will be subject to availability and demand.

Pop Up Unit Details

Container Accessories and Site Amenities

  • Five (5) 10 ft. shipping container measuring 10’ (w) x 8’ (d) x 7.5’ (h) (80 sq. ft. of retail space) are available.
  • Each unit has a rolling door and a vent for air circulation.  
  • When operational the rolling door for the unit should be fully open.
  • Units have a counter (with shelves and a shelf unit/table from which they can display their products. 
  • One customer or two if they came together (wearing a mask) can now be in the container at a time.  Vendor must control the access, provide sanitization for clients and step out of the unit when customer is inside.
  • Vendors must bring their own chairs in order to suit their comfort.
  • WIFI service is available – A secure line for vendors and a general service for the public
  • Units do not have any utility connections or feeds (no electrical power or water).
  • Vendors are responsible for their own payment service systems
  • Renters can use chargeable power banks for electricity but not generators
  • Washrooms are located at Kin Hut and have water service (non-potable water).
  • Products should not be left in the unit overnight.  Town is not responsible for theft or vandalism.

Hours of Operation

  • Vendors will be permitted to offer services during their approved scheduled time from 10 am – 9 pm.  Note: Vendors do not necessarily have to be open this entire time.  It is your shop you can set the hours, however consideration for the other vendors and the public looking to visit the site will be taken into consideration.  The rental is by the week to encourage full use of the site and the opportunity.  There are no refunds for not using days or hours available. Many vendors will operate a 10 am - 5 pm schedule. Again, the opportunity to extend your hours and increase your exposure is there, it is up to you to set a reasonable schedule within the permitted times.
  • Services thereafter are not permitted unless for extenuating circumstances.  (ie: event weekend activities)
  • Hours of operation must adhere with provincial and local authorities during pandemic and maybe subject to change.

Rental Fees/Schedule

$200.00 + 26.00 HST for a Total unit fee of $226.00 per week rental (unit available Tuesday – Sunday).  Note rental rate is flat fee there is no cost adjustment for non use of allocated available time.

Vendor Requirements

  • Vendors must meet the eligibility requirements in order to be considered.
  • Vendor must book through an approval application process with our Community Services department at or through the EDO office  Upon review of submitted application vendors will be contacted.

To be provided minimum one week in advance of unit rental:

  • Vendors must provide proof of insurance naming the Town of Petawawa as additionally insured, liability should be not less than two million dollars (2,000,000.00).  Town insurance coverage is available at $75 + Hst for those who require it.
  • Vendor must pay for unit rental fee, in full.
  • Vendors must provide any additional certificates or verification requested subject to products and services offered.  ei):  a copy of health unit certification.
  • Complete and submit the contract.
  • Only once these items have been received is your booking fully confirmed.

Cancellation Policy

  • There are no refunds for no shows.  
  • Cancellations must be made one full week in advance.  
  • Rentals are one week time slots – no discounts for part week operations.  Vendor chooses to operate the entire available time or for a portion of the time.
  • If unusually extreme weather were to affect all vendors in the Pop-Up Market ability to operate (freak snow storm or torrential rains), then compensation would be considered.
  • A representative of the municipality of Petawawa may in their sole discretion cancel the agreement under the following circumstances: the renter did not fully pay for the unit as per the rental requirements, the renter agreement was transferred without departmental approval, the renter is not using the unit for the purposes and products identified in the application, there is a breach of terms outlined in the agreement or emergency repairs are needed for the rental unit.

COVID-19 Precautions and Regulations

Vendors should practice 2-meter physical distancing and wear a mask or face guard when not protected by a physical barrier.  Renters should practice adequate hand hygiene after servicing each client using an alcohol based hand sanitizer for at least 20 seconds.  Renters should sanitize their point of sales units after each and every transaction and any surface a visitor may have touched.  For more detailed information on vendor guidelines, visit the Renfrew County and District Health Unit website.
Renters will be required to bring their own sanitizing solutions, spray or wipes to use during their rental period.  Full unit cleans will only occur between renters on the pre-designated Monday schedule while units are vacant between renters.  Municipal staff will periodically oversee the site location to ensure that all health and safety protocols are being met.