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Marriage Licences

About Marriage Licences


Before getting married in Ontario, you must obtain a marriage licence. A marriage licence cannot be issued after a marriage ceremony has taken place. Marriage licences may be obtained from most municipalities in Ontario and are valid for marriage ceremonies occurring anywhere in Ontario for three months from the date of issue.  Please note a civil marriage ceremony is not available through the municipal clerk at the Town of Petawawa. 

For full details on how to obtain an Ontario Marriage Licence, visit Getting Married (Province of Ontario)

Complete your application

  • Download and complete your marriage licence application form (Ontario Central Forms)
  • Print the completed form and sign (must be original, ink signatures for both applicants) and date the form.

Gather your documents

Below are the documents you must provide to apply for a marriage licence.  All the documents will be returned to you. 



You and your partner both need two (2) pieces of original, government-issued identification.  One piece of identification for each of you must include your photo, signature and place of birth.  The names on both pieces of identification must match. All identification must be in English or be accompanied by a translation, certified by the Association of Translators & Interpreters of Ontario (ATIO). 

Examples include:

  • a valid birth certificate (including any change of name certificates); or
  • a valid passport; or
  • a record of immigrant landing; or
  • a Canadian citizenship card.
  • a BYID age of majority card; or
  • a Military ID.

All identification must be originals not expired - photocopies and/or certified copies are not accepted.




Canadian Divorce:  The original or court certified copy of the Certificate of Divorce is required.  Photocopies will not be accepted. Originals or court certified copies may be obtained from the court which granted the divorce, and will be returned to you.  A judgement or Court Order (Divorce Order) issued by the Court will not be accepted - a Certificate of Divorce is required. 

Divorce Outside of Canada:  If you were divorced outside of Canada, you must obtain authorization from the Ministry of Government and Consumer Services before a licence may be issued to you. You can do this by sending a completed marriage application along with a statement of sole responsibility form to the Ministry of Government and Consumer Services directly. More information is available by visiting the Ministry of Government Services website or by calling 1-800-461-2156.


Additional Information

  • The Marriage Licence is valid anywhere in Ontario for a period of three months from the date the Licence is issued.

  • Licence fee is $100.00 - payment can be made by cash, debit, or cheque (credit cards are not accepted).

  • The Legislative Services Department will not accept applications by mail or electronic copies sent by email. 


For further information, contact the Legislative Services Department:

Kate Bennett
Legislative Services Coordinator