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National AccessAbility Week, May 26 - June 1

May 26th, 2024 to June 1st 2024

National AccessAbility Week PosterEvery year, starting on the last Sunday in May, Canadians celebrate National AccessAbility Week (NAAW). Founded as ‘National Access Awareness Week’ in 1988 and inspired by Rick Hansen’s Man In Motion World Tour, this week is an opportunity to celebrate Canadians with disabilities and raise awareness of the critical need for accessibility and inclusion for all in our communities and workplaces.

This NAAW the Town of Petawawa Accessibility Advisory Committee (PAAC) will be raising the Rick Hansen Foundation NAAW flag to celebrate and promote the inclusion of people with disabilities.

A flag raising ceremony will be held on Sunday, May 26th at 1pm at the community flagpole located at the Container Market at 16 Civic Centre Road.   

In addition to our flag raising ceremony, stay tuned for a cascade of messages and resources as we support this celebration and the initiatives aimed to foster accessibility and promote a more inclusive society. Whether you're passionate about breaking barriers, championing equal opportunities, or simply curious about the developments in the accessibility landscape, our upcoming messages will keep you engaged and informed.  Together, let's amplify the voices of individuals with disabilities and build a more accessible and equitable community.  

For further information, contact:
Kate Bennett