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Ottawa River Waterway

Formerly known as the Temiskawa waterway, the Ottawa River waterway has something for everyone. Whatever your travel plans - perhaps just a day of boating, or cruising for a week or two - the Ottawa's scenic waters are exactly what you've been looking for in a uniquely different boating adventure. Anywhere along the way you can nose into shore, pitch a tent and build a fire or dock at a marina and head to a hotel or even spend your nights at anchor.

Join us for a tour of the waterway as it winds its way from Notre-Dame-Du-Nord, at the head of Lake Temiskaming and then down the Ottawa River for almost 500 kilometres, to Arnprior, just outside of Ottawa.

For further information, contact:

Ottawa River Waterway
602, Route 301
Campbell's Bay, Québec J0X 1K0
Phone: 1-866-224-5244