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Fire Permit Documents and Applications

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Inspections for a recreational fire will only be conducted from April 1st through to October 31st inclusive, weather permitting.

Recreational fire means an open-air fire that is set and maintained solely for the purpose of cooking food, providing warmth and recreational enjoyment.  

Burning must be contained with-in a non-combustible container or fire pit no larger than two (2) feet (sixty-one (61) centimetres) by two (2) feet (sixty-one (61) centimetres) in size by eighteen (18) inches (forty-five (45) centimetres) in height.

The dimensions of the fuel being burned shall not be greater than the size of the container or fire pit and shall be totally confined within the container or pit at all times.


As part of our burn permit process, an applicant must have a fire inspection of their home completed not only to verify the placement and build of the fire area against the by-law regulations but to confirm and test both smoke and carbon monoxide alarms within the home. Burn permits are only processed upon completion of these inspections and correction, by the homeowner, of any noted deficiencies. 

This process is in place to ensure the safe management of recreational fires within an urban environment where there is density in population and infrastructure at greater risk. 

Recreational Burn Permit - How to Apply:

The application package for recreational fire permits can be downloaded and printed from the “Downloads” menu at the bottom of this page.   The completed and signed two (2) page application form along with payment of $50.00 to cover both the inspection and permit fee can be dropped in the Town’s night deposit box for processing. The required photograph of the fire pit can either be included with the completed application form or emailed (indicating the property address) to We DO NOT accept applications via email, original paper copies only.  


It is important that when the opportunity is available that you renew your fire permit so as not to have to begin the application process again from the start. As long as you do not alter your fire pit at any time, which would require a re-inspection and automatically void your fire permit, then maintaining a fire permit is a small expense to safely enjoy recreational fires.

Fire permits are individual and residence specific so if you relocate to a home that has an existing fire pit it does not mean you have authorization to have a fire. You will be required to undergo the process of obtaining a fire permit for yourself. 

If you have any questions about this information, please contact the municipal office at or 613-687-5536.