Closures & Cancellations


The Outdoor Ice Rink and the toboganning hill remain closed at this time.  Please check our Facebook page for announcements about openings which will occur when there is enough snow for the hill to be safely blanketed and temperatures are cold enough for ice to consistently remain frozen solid.  (15/11/2019)

Bridge Closure: Four Seasons & CP Rail

The County of Renfrew will be completing maintenance work to both bridges which will begin on Monday, October 7th.  The contractor will be providing signage and spotters while work is being done to the Four Seasons Bridge.  Construction fencing will be in place to separate the work areas from pedestrian travel.  A reduced width will be available for travel during daytime hours; however, the site/bridge will be closed to the public and secured during the evening/overnight hours.

The CP Rail bridge will be secured from public access at all times during construction – it is has always been closed to public use; however, they will be fortifying what has been placed there to date.  The County of Renfrew and Snow Country are working towards having the CP Rail bridge built to standard so that motorized traffic on the Algonquin Trail will use the CP bridge to cross the river leaving the Four Season bridge for non-motorized use.