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I Received a Parking Infraction Notice, What do I do?

All inquiries regarding Parking Infraction Notices should be directed to The Canadian Corps of Commissionaires (Ottawa Division) at 613-687-5536 ext. 2024.

If you do not pay the voluntary payment amount shown on your Parking Infraction Notice within 7 days,
OR the set fine amount shown within 15 days,
OR if you do not complete a Notice of Intention to Appear in Court within 15 days at the Town Office, 1111 Victoria Street,
OR if you do not appear for your trial, you will be deemed not to dispute and this charge and a conviction may be entered against you.

Upon conviction you will be required to pay the set fine plus court costs. An administrative fee is payable if the fine goes into default. The information may be provided to a credit bureau, if the appropriate amount is not recovered within the prescribed time.

Notice to Ontario Motorists
Failure to pay the fine imposed upon conviction will result in your Ontario Vehicle Permit (licence plate) not being renewed and no permit being issued to you until the fine and all court costs and fees have been paid.

Parking Infraction Notice penalty amount(s) can range from $20.00 to $405.00 depending on the violation.

Parking Infraction Notice(s) do not impact your driving record, demerit points, or auto insurance rates.