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Vision Goals and Objectives


  • The Town of Petawawa will be a safe, livable community where citizens can go about their daily activities in an environment without fear, risk of harm or injury.
  • Our community will receive policing-related services that are focused on crime prevention through education and the implementation of appropriate interventions and crime suppression techniques which are based on recognized best practices.
  • All policing- related efforts will be characterized by excellence, innovation and inclusiveness in the scope of delivery and provided by competent and compassionate personnel.

To that end, it is expected that policing services will partner with appropriate resource sectors of the community to work together in a coordinated and collaborative way to promote safety, manage risk, and increase the overall safety of all the Town’s residents and visitors.


To support and ensure strong and safety-minded neighbourhoods.


To achieve this level of service the following objectives will be addressed by the Detachment Commander and he/she will institute operational directives/activities to:

  • Foster the concept of community partnership and ownership in maintaining a safe community;
  • Establish an active educational and operational program consistent with the vision;
  • Create, support and implement an effective illegal drug containment strategy;
  • Serve as a partner in the safety support network for children, youth and families;
  • Provide supportive safety-related programs for seniors;
  • Support and partner with community agencies to institute effective protocols which address violence against women;
  • Leverage technology to create operational efficiencies; and
  • Ensure appropriate and professional interactions and communications by civilian, uniformed and auxiliary members of the UOV OPP Detachment.