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Civilian Policing Oversight Agencies and Contact Information

Civilian Policing Oversight Agencies and Contact Information

Police oversight plays a vital role in supporting public trust in police services, their officers and the services they provide.

If YOU have a complaint about local policing actions, you can register it in any of the following ways:

1. Visit or call the Detachment Commander at the Upper Ottawa Valley OPP Detachment office

1913 Petawawa Boulevard

Phone 613-735-0188; 
Discuss your concerns one-on-one with the purpose of arranging for a resolution when and where possible.


2. Contact the Office of the Independent Police Review Director (OIPRD) 

Phone 416-246-7071 or 1-877-411-4773

The OIPRD is responsible for receiving, managing and overseeing all public complaints about municipal, regional and provincial police in Ontario. As an independent civilian oversight agency, the OIPRD makes sure that public complaints about police are dealt with in a manner that is transparent, effective and fair to both the public and the police.

The OIPRD publishes an Annual Report.


3.   Contact the Ontario Civilian Police Commission (OCPC)

Phone 416-326-1356 or 1-888-444-0240

This is an independent civilian oversight body:

  • Conducts investigations and inquiries into the conduct of chiefs of police, police officers, special constables and members of Police Services Boards
  • Hears appeals of police disciplinary penalties
  • Determines adequacy of police budgets
  • Approves the abolition of police forces
  • Takes measures if a police force fails to comply with prescribed standards

Decisions are posted on the Canadian Legal Information Insitute (CanLII) website.