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Collision Reporting Centre

Did you know the Upper Ottawa Valley OPP Detachment hosts a Collision Reporting Centre?

It is located at:

77 International Drive
Pembroke, ON

It is open, Monday to Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Collision Reporting Centres (CRC) are used by police throughout the province to report minor collisions when all involved parties have refused medical assistance. Once involved motorists have exchanged the required information, they can leave the location of the collision and attend a collision reporting centre with the involved vehicle to report the collision forthwith or within the next 48 hours. This reduces delays for the motorist while they wait for an officer to arrive and ensures that police resources are deployed in an efficient manner. It allows involved motorists to quickly remove their vehicle from the traveled portion of the road which minimizes congestion and the risk of a subsequent collision. As part of the OPP’s Strategic Plan, the Collision Reporting Centres integrate service delivery to enhance productivity and are expected to process thousands of reports annually.

You can attend a Collision Reporting Centre forthwith (or within 48 hours) if the collision did not involve:

  • death or any injuries that require transport to a hospital
  • a driver that failed to remain at the scene
  • any vehicle carrying dangerous goods
  • any suspected criminal activity (impaired driver, stolen vehicle)
  • any driver that refuses to cooperate with the required exchange of information
  • any municipal, provincial or federal vehicle
  • damage to the highway property or private property
  • a cyclist or pedestrian