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Planning Application Fees & Service Charges

On December 16, 2019, By-Law 1310/19 and By-Law 1314/19 were passed, updating the Town's fees in respect to the processing of Planning Applications and Compliance Reports.

The fees collected under the authority of By-law 1310/19 relate to the costs incurred for the review, preparation of documents and processing as required under the Planning Act.  The fees for both the Planning Applications and the Compliance Reports, came into effect January 1, 2020, and shall be adjusted annually in accordance with the Statistics Canada Quarterly, Construction Price Statistics catalogue number 62-007.  

Annual Fees

Planning Application Fees 2024
Type of Application Fee
Official Plan Amendment $2,789.00
Zoning By-law Amendment $2,231.00
Minor Variance  $1,534.00
Site Plan Application $2,231.00
Draft Plan of Condominium $4,184.00
Draft Plan of Subdivision $4,184.00
Extension of Subdivision Draft Approval $697.00
Lifting of Part Lot Control  $697.00
Consent Application $1,046.00
Sale of Waterfront Road Allowances 
(Road Allowances Leading to Water)