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Tender PW-02-2024 Repairs to Grit Tank #2 at Petawawa WWTF

Award - Tender Cancelled

At its meeting of June 24, 2024 Council of the Corporation of the Town of Petawawa cancelled Tender PW-02-2024 as follows:

June 24, 2024 Council-In-Committee Meeting

Moved by: Lisa Coutu
Seconded by: James Carmody

That Council cancels Tender PW-02-2024, Repairs to Grit Tank #2 at Petawawa Wastewater Treatment Facility.


Staff Report

Report # PW-20-2024 - Chris Mantha, Director of Public Works

Agenda date: June 24, 2024

That Council cancels Tender PW-02-2024, Repairs to Grit Tank #2 at Petawawa WWTF.

The tender was prepared and advertised in a local paper and on our website. Nine (9) firms requested tender packages and one (1) firm submitted a complete tender package on the closing date of June 4, 2024 at 10:00 a.m.

Contractor and Tender Price (excluding HST):
11425579 Canada Inc. (William Sons) - $456,150.30

The following capital improvements were included in the scope of work for Tender PW-02-2024:

  1. Cleaning, pressure washing/sand blasting of existing concrete tank, spall repairs, cementitious repair coating, crystalline waterproofing cementitious coating, new grating.
  2. New blowers and inlet filters in the equipment room and variable frequency drives. The current drive systems run at full hydro load when running. Variable frequency drives adjust the hydro load requirements based on demand, resulting in hydro savings.

The repairs to Grit Tank #2 indicated in number 1 above are part of OCWA’s ongoing lifecycle rehabilitation and is not considered critical in 2024. This portion of the project can be delayed and re-tendered in 2025.

The repairs indicated in number 2 above are mechanical upgrade components to the blower room adjacent to the Grit Tanks. Staff from OCWA, Jp2g Consultants Inc., and Public Works are engaged in identifying a new scope of work to complete the mechanical upgrade components of the tender. Staff will be bringing a report to Council as soon as possible to move this project forward in alignment with the approved budget.

Financial Implication:
The tendered price submitted is approximately 30% over the cost of the pre-bid construction estimate of $350,000.00 (excluding HST).