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Tender PW-10-2023 Snow Plowing at Municipal Buildings 2023-2024


At its meeting of October 16, 2023 Council of the Corporation of the Town of Petawawa approved the recommendation from the October 10, 2023 Council-In-Committee meeting to award Tender PW-10-2023 as follows:

October 10, 2023 Council-In-Committee Meeting

Moved by: Murray Rutz
Seconded by: James Carmody

That Council approves the award of Tender PW-10-2023, Snow Plowing at Municipal Buildings 2023-2024, to H & H Construction Inc. in the amount of $2,026.00 plus HST per service.


Staff Report

Report # PW-16-2023 - Chris Mantha, Director of Public Works

Agenda date: October 10, 2023

That Council approves the award of Tender PW-10-2023, Snow Plowing at Municipal Buildings 2023-2024, to H & H Construction Inc. in the amount of $2,026.00 + HST per service.

The tender was prepared and advertised on our corporate website and Facebook page. Six (6) firms requested tender packages and four (4) firms submitted complete tender packages on the closing date of September 26, 2023 at 10:00 a.m.

Contractor and Tender Price (excluding HST):
Elite Property Care - $1,900.00
G.P. Splinter Forest Products Ltd. - $2,640.00
H & H Construction Inc. - $2,026.00
RGT Clouthier Construction Ltd. - $2,340.00

The tender package contains the following provisions:

  • The equipment to be supplied must be in sound mechanical condition. Should an inspection of the proposed equipment find them to be unsuitable, the Town may reject the bid received.
  • The lowest or any quote not necessarily accepted.
  • In the event the equipment is not satisfactory to the Town, the Town has the right to terminate this agreement without any liability whatsoever. The successful bidder understands and agrees that this agreement terminates in the event that he fails to perform the work to the satisfaction of the Town or its representative.
  • This contract will be awarded to one contractor only.

Following the close of the tender staff requested further information from the two lowest bidders with respect to each bidder’s equipment and capacity to perform the work to clear 21 parking lots described in the tender package as follows:

  • All lots and accesses are to be cleared after any snowfall of more than two (2) inches, or upon the request of Town staff in the order of priority they are listed. It is important that Emergency Services and Police are first priority. Following that, the parking lot at the Civic Centre should be plowed before 6:00 a.m. due to scheduling issues on the weekends. The Municipal Office, Norman Behnke Hall, Kiddyland Park Parking Lot, Water Treatment Plant, Wastewater Treatment Plant, Booster Stations, Pumping Stations, and Water Towers should be plowed before 8:00 a.m.
  • Emergency exits must be cleared of snow and ice.
  • At all entrances an approved alternate to salt shall be manually applied (no sand to be used at any entrances to all buildings).

Following this review, staff is of the opinion that the lowest bidder does not have the capacity to perform the work as described in the tender package. This opinion in no way reflects the quality of the lowest bidder’s work on smaller projects.

Staff is concerned the Town will be open to unnecessary risk if the tender is awarded to the lowest bidder. The second lowest bidder will already have moved on to other winter projects and won’t be available to take over the tender when the lowest bidder is unable to perform the work to the satisfaction of the Town. It is the recommendation of staff that Council awards this tender to the second lowest bidder, being H & H Construction Inc.

Financial Implication:
This project was budgeted for in the 2023 budget.