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What is the annual salary for elected members of Council?


The Town of Petawawa Council passed by-law 1466/22 on January 4, 2022 to set the 2022 amounts for the paying of remuneration to members of Council as follows:
  • Mayor                            $50,761.83 p/a;
  • Deputy Mayor                $32,126.46 p/a;
  • Councillor                      $27,763.28 p/a.

When on municipal business authorized by Council, members of Council and persons appointed to local boards and committees shall be entitled to receive the following expense allowances:
  • Per Diem $180.00;
  • Half Per Diem $90.00;
  • Expenses actually incurred for accommodation and parking (receipts required);
  • Expenses for meals to a maximum of $70.00 per day (no receipts required);
  • Registration fees (where applicable);
  • Travel at the reasonable per kilometre rate as defined by Canada Revenue Agency and prescribed in Section 7306 of the Income Tax Regulations (one per diem shall be allowed for business requiring travel in excess of 300 km one way).

Each member of Council shall be entitled to the following accountable expense allowance limit to be used at the member’s discretion:
  • Mayor                          $5,000.00 p/a;
  • Deputy Mayor            $1,550.00 p/a;
  • Councillor                  $1,550.00 p/a.

The Mayor shall receive a non-accountable vehicle allowance of $200.00 per month.