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October 31st, 2022
Petawawa Accessibility Advisory Committee Presents
 in Petawawa

treat accessibly

Petawawa, ON – The Petawawa Accessibility Advisory Committee (PAAC) is excited to support the ever-growing Treat Accessibly initiative in hopes that local families will also consider supporting such an important campaign with the goal to have fun and inspire accessible change across Renfrew County and Canada!

Over 400,000 children in Canada identify as having one or more disabilities. Disabilities that may prevent them from enjoying trick-or-treating with their siblings and peers.  Treat Accessibly is a campaign that encourages home owners to set up a trick-or-treating station on their driveway or from their garage to allow children with mobility, sensory or intellectual disabilities to fully participate in trick-or-treating on Halloween night.  Most Petawawa homes have a set of stairs/steps in front of their main door; the idea is to remove such barriers and provide opportunities for children with disabilities to participate.  Home owners may place a free Treat Accessibly sign on their lawn a week ahead of Halloween night to notify their neighborhood of their support for this initiative.

Since 2018, RE/MAX Canada has been a strong supporter of Treat Accessibly and an accessible Halloween; they have offered their office locations all over Canada to be the best way families can pick up a free lawn sign.  Residents may visit the Petawawa RE/MAX office at 10A Canadian Forces Boulevard or the Town of Petawawa Municipal office at 1111 Victoria Street to obtain a lawn sign. PAAC will be creating a Treat Map with the locations of barrier-free, trick-or-treating for families to check out online to plan their spooktacular evening! 

On Halloween night, PAAC and Petawawa Fire Prevention will be setting up their own barrier-free, trick-or-treat stations at both Petawawa Fire Stations (1111 Victoria Street & 23 Schwanz Road).  Open to all families to treat together to champion accessible inclusion! 

For further information, contact:
Kate Bennett, Executive Assistant
Town of Petawawa
613-687-5536 ext. 2017

    Free Lawn Sign Pick Up Locations:

   PAAC Trick-or-Treat Stations:


Creating the world’s first accessible holiday tradition


All you need to do is take a few simple steps and you'll be set up with a trick-or-treating station that every child can enjoy.

Provide Barrier-free Access          

Some trick-or-treaters may have difficulties navigating inclines, stairs, curving walkways, etc.  Make sure to place your trick-or-treating station at a location that is easily accessible to all.                

  • Make sure the path to your trick-or-treating station is well lit.
  • Clear your driveway and pathways of any obstacles.
  • Park your vehicle on the street or in your garage to allow easy access.
  • Set up your trick-or-treating station at the end of your driveway or in your garage.

If your home doesn't have a driveway why don't you use your vehicle to trunk-or-treat?  Show your creativity and decorate your vehicle to make it extra special.

Want to add your home to our Treat Map - send us an email:

Check out "Downloads" below for full version of  TREAT MAPS

treat map