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General Information


  • All registered race participants (40km, 13km, 4km) will receive a bib number, meal tickets (Sat lunch and dinner), post-race snacks, swag bag and the opportunity to participate in many after race activities and just have fun with other paddlers!
  • T-shirts are only guaranteed for registrations received by July 15, 2021.
  • Fees increase by date and for on-site registrations; please check the Registration and Fees tab for details and to avoid surprises.
  • Prizes awarded to first place in all categories (boat or board, age, gender) with some additional fun prices to be given out.


Racers will be divided into various categories according to board or boat (Canoe, Kayak, SUP, Prone), distance (40 km, 13 km, 4 km, 1 km), gender (male, female) and age (under 18 for 4 km only, 18-34, 35-54, 55+).

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  • Tandem Canoe 16 to 18 ft
  • Kayak
    • 12 ft and under
    • 12.1 to under 14 ft
    • 14 ft and over
  • SUP
    • 12 ft and under
    • 12.1 to under 14 ft
    • 14 ft and over


  • Shuttles to fetch vehicles at the start line (Petawawa Point) will be offered from Riverside Park (timings TBD).  However, participants may wish to work out a buddy system (spouse, friend) where you are dropped off at the start and your buddy brings the vehicle back to Riverside Park. 
  • Plan ahead for dry clothes!  A bag can be left with event staff on Friday night at the Registration Tent for you to retrieve at the finish line (particularly important if your gear is all in your car at the starting location).  The UORRPF assumes no responsibility for lost or missing items.
  • All participants are encouraged to carry sunscreen, insect repellant, a hat, sunglasses and a wind-shell.
  • All participants are encouraged to bring rain gear.
  • All participants are encouraged to carry energy snacks and drinking water/juice. One liter per hour is recommended.
  • All participants are encouraged to carry a bilge pump (canoe/kayak).


  1. Paddling equipment, personal floatation devices, and safety kits (bail bucket, throw rope, and whistle) must be provided by the racer and in their possession during the race at all times.  These items will NOT be provided by race organizers.  Additionally, SUP racers are required to use a leash.
  2. All participants MUST wear an appropriately-sized CSA-approved personal floatation device (PDF) with a whistle attached to the front at all times while on the water.  Participants not wearing a PDF while participating in UORRPF race activities will be disqualified.  NOTE: inflatable PDFs and waist-belt PDFs are acceptable.
  3. Participants MUST register for all events and sign a waiver of liability and release at the on-site registration.
  4. Participants MUST attend a pre-event briefing that will be held before event start time(s) and pay close attention to the information from race organizers and the starting official.
  5. Bib race numbers must be visible at all times.  Visible areas are on clothes (not covered by PDF), preferably on chest area or on right side of leg.  Otherwise, the bib can be adhered to the right front side of the vessel. Participants should tell timing staff their number as they approach the finish line.
  6. 40 KM participants MUST carry a cell-phone during the race.  Contact information for the safety boat will be provided at the pre-event briefing.
  7. Participants are encouraged to have a buddy on shore to report in with event staff in case of an emergency or failure to arrive at the finish line.
  8. Participants are to complete the event without assistance. If a participant requires assistance from a safety boat, they MUST inform race organizers that they did not finish upon arrival at Riverside Park.
  9. At the two checkpoints (40 km race only), participants MUST identify themselves to the check-point attendant(s). 
  10. Participants are to display courtesy to fellow competitors, avoiding interference and boat or paddle contact.
  11. At the finish, participants MUST identify themselves to the event timing staff. This is to ensure the safety of all participants and volunteers on the river.
  12. In the case of capsizing, stay with your vessel. If you require assistance, flag down the race safety boaters for aid. If you are able to continue, you can swim to shore, bail out your boat, and remount to continue with the race.
  13. If at any time you decide not to complete the race once started, please inform the safety boaters and the race organizers at the finish area.
  14. All participants are encouraged to protect themselves from the sun by wearing sunscreen, protective clothing, a hat, sunglasses, etc.  Additionally, participants are encouraged to hydrate before and during the race.
  15. All participants are encouraged to bring rain gear. The race is rain or shine. Race status due to inclement weather (wind, waves, lightning, etc.) will be at the decision of the race organizers.
  16. All participants are encouraged to carry energy snacks and drinking water/juice. One litre per hour is recommended.
  17. All participants are encouraged to carry a bilge pump (canoe/kayak).
  18. Participants in the 40 km,13 km and 4 km races must keep the race buoys (chartreuse) to their port side (on the left) at all times while travelling the race course. 


All participants must sign a release of liability and waiver form in person upon registration at the event. Any participants under the age of 18 must have a parent or guardian present to sign the waiver on their behalf. 

Check back for UORRPF SCHEDULE.


This event is jointly hosted by the Town of Petawawa and the City of Pembroke.