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There are numerous opportunities for mountain biking in the Petawawa area.

Forest Lea Trails

The Ottawa Valley Mountain Biking Association (OVMBA) maintains the Forest Lea mountain bike trails; 22k of tight, rocky and rooty single track mountain bike specific trails. Trails are marked. Check out the blog site for trail map, directions, and more info.

Petawawa Research Forest

Located just north of Petawawa, off Highway 17, the Petawawa Research Forest established an interpretive bike trail to allow access to some of the trails in the forest. This interpretive trail is well marked with red bike signs.

Petawawa Terrace Provincial Park

Enjoy the looped trails at the top of the Petawawa Terrace .  The lower section is predominately a conservation area and MRN would prefer that visitors stay out of this area. There are two trail routes down the hill and the paved road on the southern edge. This is a popular walking area so please watch out for others.

Woodland & Jack Pine Trails

The Woodland and Jack Pine forest areas are two small sections of trails located in Petawawa that are suitable to trail biking.