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NEW Winter Treated Sand & Salt Material for the Public Works Department

This winter the Public Works Department has purchased a new sand and salt mixture that will increase ice melt performance even at temperatures -45, has resistance to wind and bounce – stays where its placed, and has a corrosion inhibitor which significantly reduces wear to equipment and concrete – saving trucks and infrastructure, all the while lowering the winter maintenance budget!

The new treated sand and salt “PROTEK WTS®” is enhanced with an engineered solution containing unique natural fibers and provides maximum performance while minimizing environmental impact.  PROTEK WTS® melts faster and lasts longer while reducing the costs and damaging effects of salt.  This engineered formulation provides rheology modification (Anti-Leaching/Spalling) enhancing performance and maintaining the integrity of the stock pile.   The fresh customized mix designs translate into optimum performance.  Eliminates the need for expensive onboard pre-wetting equipment and liquid storage.   PROTEK WTS® has a proven track record working with large road authorities, large and small salt supply operations to develop cost effective and efficient treating operations that significantly improve the overall winter maintenance budget.

Click on the link to view our Public Works Manager, Chris Mantha explain the new material and how the Town of Petawawa Public Works Department prepares for the winter:  Petawawa Preps for Winter