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Winter Control Policy

The Town of Petawawa has established a level of service that is appropriate for winter control operations for municipal roads, sidewalks, and parking lots, and to allocate the appropriate budget and resources that are needed to provide that level of service.

As a minimum, the Town of Petawawa has adopted through By-Law (1150/17) Ontario Regulation 239/02 titled “Minimum maintenance Standards” as a baseline for winter control operations.

The Town will ensure that roadways are maintained in such a manner as to minimize economic loss to the community, prevent or reduce accident and injury, and facilitate access for emergencies by the emergency responders and police service.

The Town acknowledges that there may be times, when due to the severity of a particular winter event, the level of service may not be achieved within the usual timeframe. Under such circumstances the Town will issue a “Significant Weather Event”. (Ont. Reg. 239/02 section 16.9) The Town will endeavour to recover winter maintenance operations in accordance with the winter control policy as soon as practicable.

By-Law 1421-21 Winter Control Policy