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In 1963, the Ontario Resources Commission entered into an agreement with DND for the Base Water Pumping Station to supply 2,050 m3/d to the Village of Petawawa.

In 1968 a Water Treatment Plant was constructed by DND, a class 3 direct filtration plant.

In 1976, the Ministry of the Environment requested the water quota to the Village of Petawawa be increased to 3,180 m3/d of its 14,500m3/d capacity.  This request initiated several studies into the need for system expansion.

In 1989, the Department of National Defense announced an expansion to Garrison Petawawa and their intent to recall the water quota allocated to the Village of Petawawa.  The Village of Petawawa was then given the option to own and operate the plant and pay for the upgrading needed to provide the additional capacity for their use.

October 30,1992, the contract was awarded for the expansion of the Water Treatment Plant.

The present plant has a rated capacity of 21,500 m3/d and is located on Lot 26, Lake Range, Town of Petawawa on the southern shore of the Ottawa River surrounded by Garrison Petawawa.