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Hilda Street and Lisa Crescent - outstanding works

Bonnechere Excavating Inc. (BEI) will remobilize to site on May 13, 2024 to finalize the contract for the Reconstruction of Hilda Street and Lisa Crescent.

The outstanding work includes raking all the topsoil areas, adding new topsoil to areas where needed, a new application of seeding and mulching (as the application that was complete late in the fall of 2023 did not survive), and some miscellaneous asphalt hot paving.

It is BEI's responsibility to ensure that the seeding that is applied establishes a new lawn within all the disturbed areas due to the construction activities. It will be quite apparent when the seeding has been applied (it is a mixture of grass seeds and mulch applied with a hose; it has a green colour to it). 

BEI is responsible to ensure that affected lawns are established; they will be relying on the rain to water the grass seed. However, if we get a hot/dry period with very little rain, the duration for the lawn to establish can take much longer than if we get ideal temperatures/watering. If the lawn is not established by the end of summer 2024, another application of seeding will occur early in the fall. 

The residences in this area will be exempt from the Town of Petawawa’s Water Use By-Law (293/04) until the lawns have been established. Although By-law 293/04 states you may water at "any time", it is preferable for residents to adhere to watering between 6:00 a.m. and 9:00 a.m. and between 6:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m. In the event that foot traffic or vehicle traffic causes damage/rough areas in the topsoil, BEI will not be returning to repair any damaged areas of the topsoil (unless an area is considered deficient).

The engineering firm of Jp2g Consultants Inc. has been retained to complete the contract administration and on-site inspection services required by this project. We encourage residents or property owners to contact Brandon Harkins from Jp2g Consultants Inc. at 613-735-2507 or by email should you have any questions or concerns relating to this project during the course of construction. Your patience and cooperation is appreciated.