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Construction Projects FAQ's and Contacts

Each year, the Town identifies construction projects that have the largest benefits, impacts, and scope of work. The below list is a way to understand and communicate some of the larger projects that will take place this year. 

The construction projects are selected based on the following criteria:

  • Condition of individual asset
  • Meeting priority of several assets
  • Improved Level of Service
  • Scope of work 
  • Construction duration
  • Location in relation to other nearby projects and the expected future benefits
  • Road classification
  • Road user impact
  • Impact to neighbours
  • Proximity to events, schools, community centres, parks, cycle routes
  • Economic impact and Government funding

Petawawa Public Works After Hours Emergency Number 

Should you need to contact a member of our Public Works Department after business hours please do so using our 
After Hours Emergency Line:  1-855-539-7610

County Roads

Did you know that the Town of Petawawa does not own some of the main arterial roads?  They belong to the County of Renfrew.  Those roads are:

  •     Petawawa Boulevard;
  •     Doran Road;
  •     Murphy Road;
  •     Paquette Road;
  •     Laurentian Drive; and
  •     Victoria Street.

As County roads they are managed and maintained by the County of Renfrew Public Works Department this includes snow clearing and surface repairs along with major construction projects.  If you have a concern or wish to inform the County of an issue on any of their roads you can do so by visiting Renfrew County's website, Roads page, and select the option to Report a Concern.

Other inquiries and concerns regarding these roadways can be directed to the Director of Public Works & Engineering for the County of Renfrew, Lee Perkins.

Phone:  613-735-7288

Garrison Petawawa Roads and North and South Townsite Infrastructure

Did you know that the roads on Garrison Petawawa and those in the North and South town sites are the property of the Federal Government, under management and jurisdiction of the Garrison?  Should you have a concern or wish to inform the Garrison of an issue on any of their roads you can do so by contacting the Garrison Public Affairs Officer. 

Phone: 613-687-5511