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County of Renfrew Designated Routes

Below is a description of the designated routes that Off-Road Vehicles are permitted to travel on County of Renfrew Highways located within the Corporation of the Town of Petawawa:

Off-Road Vehicles may cross Petawawa Boulevard (CR-51) to access core services at the following five (5) designated intersections:

  • Doran Road (CR-26)/Petawawa Boulevard (CR-51)/Mohns Avenue;
  • Murphy Road (CR-37)/Petawawa Boulevard (CR-51)/Civic Centre Road;
  • Canadian Forces Drive/Petawawa Boulevard (CR-51);
  • Town Centre Boulevard/Petawawa Boulevard (CR-51)/Limestone Trail; and
  • Black Bay Road/Petawawa Boulevard (CR-51)/Gutzman Road.

Off-Road Vehicles may travel on the following portions of County Roads to access core services:

  • Doran Road (CR-26) from the Algonquin Trail north to Petawawa Boulevard;
  • Doran Road (CR-26) from Petawawa Boulevard south to the Algonquin Trail;
  • Murphy Road (CR-37) from the Algonquin Trail north-east to Petawawa
  • Murphy Road (CR-37) from Petawawa Boulevard south-west to the Algonquin
  • Petawawa Boulevard (CR-51) from Limestone Trail north-west to 2991
    Petawawa Boulevard; and
  • Petawawa Boulevard (CR-51) from 2991 Petawawa Boulevard south-east to
    Limestone Trail.

*Core Services means accessing food, lodging, or fuel within the urban areas of the municipality.


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