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Centennial Park

Centennial Park is the jewel of the Petawawa park system. Known by locals as the Catwalk, Centennial Park offers scenic backdrops, an accessible bandstand and a wedding gazebo making it a perfect spot for outdoor events or photo shoots.

The Millennium Trail cuts through the park from its entrances located at Park Drive and Victoria Street.  Additional entrances are located off Victoria Street and Petawawa Boulevard near the bridge.  Ample parking and accessible washroom facilities are available at the Park Drive entrance.  Playground equipment is located adjacent to the trail. The beach at Centennial Park is not suitable for swimming and water quality is not monitored.  


Commencing September 28, 2020, the Town of Petawawa is starting rehabilitation of the “Catwalk Pond” in Centennial Park. The work being completed will involve the removal of river stone, sediment and debris deposited in the pond during the flood of 2019 and restoring the pond basin to pre-flood condition. Damaged sections of the pond's retaining wall will also be removed. The work is expected to last 1 -2 weeks. Residents of Petawawa are asked to please refrain from activities near and around the pond until the work is completed. The Millennium Trail will be open for use during this period. For more information, please contact the Community Services Department at 613-687-5678 or

To request use of the park or rent the stage or gazebo, please contact the Community Services Department.
Phone: 613-687-5678 ext. 2112
Please note that the park remains open to the public during private events. 

Millenium Trail in autumn