Parking By-Laws

While some Town roads have specific parking and stopping regulations posted on signs, there are some regulations that are applied town-wide and are listed as follows:

Unless otherwise posted, parking is not permitted:

  • within 1.5 m of an entrance to a driveway
  • within 3 m of a fire hydrant
  • within 10 m of an intersection
  • more than 15 cm from a curb

Parking is not permitted in the following locations:

  • on or overhanging a sidewalk or curb
  • in a manner obstructing traffic
  • facing the wrong direction on a roadway
  • on private property without the property owner's consent
  • on municipal property without authorization

Winter Parking Restrictions (15 November to 31 March):

  • no parking on any street from 1:00 am to 7:00 am
  • at any time when accumulated snow fall exceeds or is expected to exceed 5 cm
  • during any snow removal or clearing operation


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