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Responsibilities of the Board

The Board serves as a connection between the community and the police service.

The safety-related needs of the community of Petawawa help form the basis of the policing priorities and activities which are reflected in the OPP “action plan” created in partnership with the Police Services Board and the Detachment Commander; and further highlighted in an annual "progress report".

Effective communication between the Board and the municipality is key to ensuring that the police service has the necessary infrastructure to deliver services that reflect community need. Through consultation with the municipality the Board is also required to ensure that the policing services being delivered are consistent with the overall goals and priorities of the municipality and complement those of other service providers in achieving community safety and wellbeing.

Other assumed responsibilities:

  • Acting as a liaison between Council and the O.P.P.
  • Communicating Board activities to the municipality
  • Lobbying for legislation changes or provincial policy reviews
  • Participating in provincial associations and educational training to keep current with both provincial and federal policing issues
  • Becoming aware of and utilizing local community and provincial resources which could support community safety
  • Pursuing partnerships with community members and organizations
  • Participation in public educational forums regarding crime prevention and safe practices