Winter Parking & Snow Removal Restrictions


Town of Petawawa Parking By-law 257/2003, Section 2.8, states:

"No person shall park a vehicle on any highway within the municipality:

Failure to abide by these regulations may result in the offending vehicle being ticketed and/or towed at the owner's expense. 

Snow Removal by Residents

Town of Petawawa Snow Removal By-law 683/11 (General Prohibitions)

Snow Forts

As snow banks emerge throughout the Town, Public Works crews remind parents to warn children that snow forts and tunnels are extremely dangerous. 

Playing in snow forts and tunnels poses a very serious risk of snow collapsing and of trapping a child.  There is also a great danger to children playing in areas where snow removal and clearing takes place.

Waste and Recycling Pick-up

Snow banks also present problems for refuse and recycling collection crews.  Please place garbage containers, recycling and green bins five (5) feet back from the curb or pavement edge in the driveway to permit proper snow removal and avoid damage to collection containers. 

The Town of Petawawa thanks the public for its co-operation and assistance in keeping children and workers safe during the winter season.