Official Plan Review

The Town of Petawawa is comprised of a diverse mixture of uses and natural features reflecting the municipality’s rural and urban roots, and its location at the junction of the Petawawa River and Ottawa River. The land uses and natural features that characterize the Town include residential subdivisions, waterfront cottages, commercial and industrial uses, high-quality mineral aggregate deposits, forestry, rural lands, an airport, a Provincial Park, community facilities, beaches, and islands.
Significant changes have occurred in Ontario and Renfrew County since the Official Plan was last updated. There is a significant opportunity to enhance the Official Plan to provide long-term economic and sustainable growth for all facets of the community.
The Town’s Official Plan was last updated in 2013 and approved in 2014, and under section 26 of the Planning Act is required to be updated every five years. The new Official Plan will establish innovative and contemporary policies to reflect the changing characteristics and demographics of the community and manage growth and development to the 2051 planning horizon.
Significant changes have occurred in the world and in Ontario in the eight years since the Official Plan was last updated. 

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