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The Petawawa Accessibility Advisory Committee is proud to announce its continued support of Treat Accessibly in 2023 – a movement that strives to raise awareness and encourage homeowners to celebrate Halloween in a way that is inclusive of people of all abilities. More than 400,000 children and youth in Canada live with disabilities that pose obstacles to everyday activities, like trick-or-treating. These kids are among the 6.2 million Canadians (22 per cent) who identify as mobility, sensory or intellectually disabled.   Treat Accessibly promotes inclusivity, by removing barriers to trick-or-treating activities.

What Can You Do?

You can help create an accessible Halloween by distributing candy from an obstacle-free location on the property, like the foot of the driveway, and by posting the Treat Accessibly lawn sign in advance of Halloween. The Treat Accessibly lawn sign lets people in your neighbourhood know that you support accessible trick-or-treating and is a symbol that promotes accessible and inclusive change.  One that tells families that have children with a disability that they are welcome to experience Halloween without barriers at your home.

Place our FREE Accessible Trick-or-Treating sign on your home’s front lawn at least a week before Halloween to give families and caregivers plenty of time to plan their trick-or-treating route.  Visit the Petawawa RE/MAX office or Town Hall to pick up your free lawn sign.

On Halloween night, from 5PM to 7PM members of the Accessibility Advisory Committee and Petawawa Fire Prevention Team will be handing out treats from their accessible barrier-free locations from each fire station (23 Schwanz Road and 1111 Victoria Street).  Sparky is planning to visit both stations to greet and take photos with all the ghosts and ghouls on Halloween Night.  

Come out to see us, say hello to your Accessibility Advisory Members, local firefighters, Sparky, grab some treats and show off your costumes!!

Don't forget to check out our Treat Map to discover which neighbourhoods have barrier-free trick-or-treating so you have plenty of time to plan your trick-or-treating route.   Contact us below to add your home to the map!  

Check out "Downloads" below for full version of  TREAT MAPS

For further information, contact:

Kate Bennett, Executive Assistant
Town of Petawawa
613-687-5536 ext. 2017

    Free Lawn Sign Pick Up Locations:

   PAAC Trick-or-Treat Stations:


Creating the world’s first accessible holiday tradition


All you need to do is take a few simple steps and you'll be set up with a trick-or-treating station that every child can enjoy.

Provide Barrier-free Access          

Some trick-or-treaters may have difficulties navigating inclines, stairs, curving walkways, etc.  Make sure to place your trick-or-treating station at a location that is easily accessible to all.                

  • Make sure the path to your trick-or-treating station is well lit.
  • Clear your driveway and pathways of any obstacles.
  • Park your vehicle on the street or in your garage to allow easy access.
  • Set up your trick-or-treating station at the end of your driveway or in your garage.

If your home doesn't have a driveway why don't you use your vehicle to trunk-or-treat?  Show your creativity and decorate your vehicle to make it extra special.
treat map


List of Petawawa Streets with Accessible Trick-or-Treating:

Armstrong Rd

Butler Blvd

Chad Street

Cleve Ave


Gardner Cres

Highland Park Drive

Laroche Crescent

Lisa Cres

Louise St

McNamara St

Mueller Cres

Northbrook Road

Oriole Cres

Pine Place

Runge Drive

Sammy Drive

Sandstone Cres

Selkirk St

Terrance Drive

Woodland Crescent

Add your home to our Treat Map - email: