Community Improvement Plan (CIP)

Grant supports for local businesses and commercial property owners.

a graphic listing the Community Improvement Grants and eligibility limitsThe Town of Petawawa now has an endorsed Community Improvement Plan (CIP).  This is a great opportunity for the area businesses, property owners, and landlords to obtain support to improve and revitalize their commercial spaces.

This plan provides for financial incentive programs for eligible applicants to seek matching financial aid, within limits, for select property improvements. 

If you are interested in submitting an application for a CIP please review the program document and contact the municipal development officer.  Pre-project consultation is the first step to advancing any request under this program.

Christine Mitchell, Economic Development Officer

Here is a brief summary of the eleven grant programs approved under the CIP:
Council may at their discretion focus on certain grants during a given timeframe or discontinue approving applications for certain grant programs.  All grants are subject to funding availability under the CIP program envelope which is approved annually during the municipal budget process.  As such support can only be extended as long as funds are available in any given year.