Seniors Support Services

Seniors Centre without Walls (all of Renfrew County)

This service connects seniors 55+ with no walls support through the phone and not your computer.  

Supports: Seniors 55+, disabled or special needs, a Renfrew County Resident.

What the service provides?
Spend time on the phone talking for FREE with other seniors, take part in educational, social and spiritual programming.
Forge friendship and combat lonliness and isolation by having access to a support network.
Call: 613-432-7691
Toll Free: 1-833-617-4357
Website: News | Renfrew and Area Seniors' Home Support ( 
Facebook: Renfrew & Area Seniors' Home Support | Facebook

Petawawa Silver Threads Seniors Club 

Formed in 1978, to serve residents of Petawawa and area, who are 50 years of age and older. Membership is now over 400 active members who participate in a variety of programs and activities.

The mandate of the Club is to provide a venue for seniors to come together in friendly competition, to cater to the interests of the members and to afford an opportunity for members to interact with each other.

Membership is $25 and provides members with a wealth of connections to great activities, events, programs, services, luncheons, dinners, bingo, dances and great opportunities to volunteer in the community.
Call:  613-687-6574