New Animal Services Initiative

More Petawawa Pets Will Get Home Safely Thanks to New Animal Services Initiative

Petawawa, ON – Licensing pets in the Town of Petawawa will become easier, modernized, and more valuable for everyone.  The Town of Petawawa is delighted to launch their new Membership Program, powered by DocuPet’s world-leading pet profile, lost pet, and licensing platform.  Pet owners now get free access to DocuPet’s HomeSafe™ Lost Pet Service, and beautiful designer tags linked to a secure online profile when they license their dogs and cats with the Town of Petawawa.  [The Town of Petawawa does not license pets on the Garrison’s North and South Town Sites.]

Beginning in early January 2020, residents of Petawawa will be able to license pets using DocuPet’s licensing platform.  To make the transition simpler for pet owners, the Town of Petawawa is extending the validity of 2019 pet licenses to February 28, 2020.  Additionally, all future licenses will operate on a 365 day expiration model, meaning instead of all licenses expiring at the end of the year, they will instead expire exactly 365 days later.

Pet tagging program

“Running an effective pet identification program is incredibly important for the welfare of pets.  Keeping lost pets out of shelters and returning them to their parents is our priority at DocuPet.  Over the past six years, we have helped thousands of lost pets get back home, but there is still the same joy in the office every time we get the news that we have another success story.  We are really looking forward to helping pets in Petawawa get home safe,” says Grant Goodwin, CEO of DocuPet.

“Every pet deserves a safe and happy home, and this partnership helps us make that a reality in Petawawa.  DocuPet has a proven track record of improving pet licensing observance through value-added services for Pet Guardians, and that’s good news for animal welfare in our municipality,” says Mayor Bob Sweet.

Proper and efficient identification of pets is a core method for protecting their welfare.  Without proper identification and easily accessible information about a pet, they will end up in a shelter if they go missing.  Low licensing compliance is a real problem, for both Animal Protection teams and for the pets themselves.  Across North America, an average of only 13% of pets are licensed, despite by-laws requiring it in most municipalities, including the Town of Petawawa.

The DocuPet solution will streamline the process for all involved.  It will also encourage Pet Guardians to register their pets and get their new HomeSafe™-enabled tags.  Revenues from the program will be used to improve the lives of pets and pet parents in Petawawa, and the included HomeSafe™ Lost Pet Service means more pets will get home should they become lost.

An additional announcement will be made with the commencement of the DocuPet licensing program.


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